Unique Designs made with Sea Kelp in Tofino BC

Lise Saurette Beginning in 1979, Lise spent 13 years working as a Lighthouse Keeper. During these years, Lise raised her son, Noah, whom she home schooled. Lise found her love and talent for art during those years of isolation on the Lighthouses of Canada’s West Coat.

​​​​​Lise calls her artwork, Kelp Arts Creations; she fashions jewellery and other art forms using dried kelp, and paints watercolours using fine floral seaweeds and other unique media.

Lise currently lives and produces her artwork in Tofino B.C. where she has lived since 1993. She has had many shows and exhibits in the Tofino area where she is well known for her Kelptic Designs and for her surrealist style of watercolour art as well as for her work as performing artist.

Kelp Art Jewellery, it's organic.

...and you`re going to love it!